Within Shadows Reach

Welcome to the Within Shadows Reach (WSR) LARP website!

This website will provide you with everything you need to know Out of Character (ooc) and In Character (IC) to get started within this chronicle.

If you are new to LARP and/or the WSR Chronicle be sure to read the Players Guide to WSR as it will give you a general overview of how this game works, and how to build a character.

Note for Visitors: We have a feeding system that sections the city off into Districts's, and limits the blood supply per District. Be sure to check IC where you should be feeding with your Primogen. Also, we will accept notes from your ST's or Item Cards for blood that you have procured for yourself before traveling using your home chronicles feeding rules.

Some Other Useful Links:

WSR Email Lists

  • IC List: You must have an IC contact to get on this list if you are not a Fargo based PC.
  • OOC List. A place to chit chat out of character.

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